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What's the difference between a fan and an air cooler? Our answers

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Are you looking for a high-performance system to equip large business premises?
and improve the comfort of your employees?

Is conventional air-conditioning too expensive or unsuitable for your space? FoxAir coolers (also known as chillers) offer you an alternative that’s as efficient as it is economical!
But what exactly is the difference between a fan and an air cooler? FoxAir explains everything and tells you about the performance of this system, which helps to lower the ambient temperature in a building subjected to high temperatures.
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The fan: a fleeting sensation of freshness

The fan simply stirs the air in the room: thanks to the fan’s speed and power, a current of air is created when it’s hot. However, the effectiveness of this device is limited: coolness is felt at the time, but in reality the device only blows warm air. Well-being stops as soon as the unit is switched off.

The air cooler, on the other hand, lowers the ambient temperature like an air conditioner, with the notable difference that it doesn’t use polluting chemicals.

The benefits of adiabatic air coolers

adiabatic air coolers
FoxAir adiabatic air coolers, designed for large professional premises, cool the air by evaporation. They are equipped with a fan that draws in dry, warm air and passes it through a filter moistened with water from the reservoir. Evaporation naturally cools the air. The unit then redistributes it throughout the room, rapidly bringing down the temperature.

The higher the temperature and the drier the air, the greater the drop in temperature. The cooler optimizes humidity levels to increase thermal comfort.

Evaporative air coolers in shed

Simple operation

Water enables rapid cooling of the ambient air, which is why the unit’s large-capacity reservoir must be perfectly filled. The device is then simply plugged into the mains.

Available on castors, FoxAir professional air coolers adapt to any space and can be moved at any time at no extra cost.

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