Portable air cooler range FoxAir

RangeFoxAir 18FoxAir 24FoxAir 36FoxAir 48
Refroidisseur FoxAir 18Refroidisseur FoxAir 24Refroidisseur FoxAir 36Refroidisseur FoxAir 48
Fan diameter45cm63 cm90 cm124 cm
Air flow7.000 m3 /h12.000 m3 /h21.500 m3 /h38.000 m3 /h
Fan motorisation300 W370 W550 W1.100 W
Fan amperage230 V 1,5 A230 V 2,7 A230 V 4,0 A230 V 6,0 A
Pump Amperage230 V 0,2 A230 V 0,2 A230 V 1,2 A230 V 1,2 A
Water tank capacity135 L115 L200 L300 L
Dimensions143 x 98 x 60 cm151 x 128 x 65 cm180 x 160 x 78 cm213 x 191 x 92 cm
Weight60 kg78 kg105 kg168 kg
Cooling capacity90 m²170 m²260 m²370 m²
Water supplyYes *Yes *Yes *Yes *
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FoxAir 18Refroidisseur FoxAir 1845 cm7.000 m3 /h300 W230 V 1,5 A230 V 0,2 A135 L143 x 98 x 60 cm60 kg90 m²Yes *Ask for a quotation
FoxAir 24Refroidisseur FoxAir 1863 cm12.000 m3 /h370 W230 V 2,7 A230 V 0,2 A115 L151 x 128 x 65 cm78 kg170 m²Yes *Ask for a quotation
FoxAir 36Refroidisseur FoxAir 1890cm21.500 m3 /h550 W230 V 4,0 A230 V 1,2 A200 L180 x 160 x 78 cm105 kg260 m²Yes *Ask for a quotation
FoxAir 48Refroidisseur FoxAir 18124cm38.000 m3 /h1.100 W230 V 6,0 A230 V 1,2 A300 L213 x 191 x 92 cm168 kg370 m²Yes *Ask for a quotation

* Water supply : automatic filling by connecting directly the the water network to the machines with a garden hose for all models of the air cooler range. .

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    Our evaporative cooling system adapts to all your needs

    You are facing the necessity to cool parts or your entire working premises ? You need to cool a warehouse or a large working zone ?  The FoxAir professionnal air coolers are made for you. Using them is avoiding expensive installations of traditional air conditioning systems.

    Indeed, our equipments are portable: they can be positioned according to your specific needs, near your production equipement (machinery, servers, etc.). They offer better working conditions to your employees.


    The FOXAIR air coolers prevent many risks linked to heat

    The air coolers also called (evaporative air coolers or adiabatic air coolers) help preventing risks of fires. They also limit the risk of static electricity accumulation in your premises. NB: a range of four models with different power levels is available.

    The following table presents our equipments performances. Their power will allow to cool all kind of surfaces (workshops, super stores, warehouses…), according to your needs: from 90 to 370 square meters. The capacity of the water tank is also variable. Need some advice ? Contact us by mail or phone, we will analyse your situation and advise you on the right professionnal air cooler for you.

    More details on this subject and professionnal cooling solutions.

    The evaporative cooling : a green solution without refrigerant fluids

    Our equipments functioning is quite simple: it relies on the natural principle of evaporation (also called adiabatic cooling). For instance if you take a lake during a hot and dry summer day, near it temperature will be condiderably less important. The reason: evcaporated water increases the humidity level and cools down air once in contact with it.

    FoxAir’s equipement working in the same way. It vaccums hot and dry air to evaporate water and redistribute refreshed air on a large surface. The only fluid used in the process is water; no toxic or refrigerant fluids are needed to get amazing results. It is ideal for professionnals who do not need an all year long cooling system but a specific need when temperature reaches critical levels.

    Air cooling investment… or rental ? Try them out !
    Investing seems a little to early ? No worries, FoxAir offers a rental solution. Contact us for a quotation or for a trial with one of our portable air coolers.