Industrial air conditioning with Foxair evaporative air coolers

Used to cool down business premises such as factories or warehouses, the Foxair Evaporative air cooler uses the natural principle of water evaporation. A natural and ecological process.

Air cooling by evaporation for large surfaces

It is almost impossible to install a full air conditioning solution within a factory. Besides the astronomic cost, traditional air conditioners consume a lot of energy. With Foxair, non of the constraints above are concerned. The industrial specialist presents is range of adiabatic coolers.

Moreover, our equipments will allow you to give a better confort to your employees without requiring installation costs thanks to their wheels.

How does an adiabatic system work ?

Our machines have a fan and an evaporative cooling media to replicate the natural principle of evaporation. Once working, they vaccum the ambient air (dry and hot) and make it go through the cooling media, humidified by the water from the tank in order to cool it naturally.

Hence, the redistributed air cools down the room quickly; The hotter and dryer the air the best results you will get.

The advantages of a natural air conditioning easy to set up


Foxair Evaporative air coolers present many assets. Its efficiency increases proportionally when the temperature rises. Moreover it is a pollution free and turnkey solution.  With this equipement you cut out important fees related to traditional air conditioning fucntioning. Finally our system is higly relevant in, workplaces, factories, workshops, garages, etc.

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