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How do I clean an air cooler?
The FoxAir solution

In summer, industrial and commercial premises, like marquees, need to be air-conditioned. The comfort of the public and employees on site is at stake. However, like all air treatment systems, the unit is prone to clogging. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, etc. Find out how to clean an air cooler to prevent contamination and ensure optimum performance!

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    FoxAir air freshener cleaner

    As a supplier of industrial air coolers, FoxAir naturally markets the right cleaning product. Both preventive and curative, this liquid is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal. Depending on the concentration used, it is even effective against the Covid virus.

    FoxAir sells a 2-dose pack for an average of two standard cleanings – the dose may differ according to the volume of the water tank. If you want anti-Covid action, you need to double the dose to comply with regulations.

    How do I use FoxAir air freshener maintenance product?

    We recommend using a dose of the maintenance pack once a year, at the start of the season before start-up or at the end of the period of use. Our air freshener cleaner is easy to use:

    • pour the recommended dose directly into the cooler’s water tank;
    • run the unit for about an hour;
    • drain machine at low point ;
    • if treatment is to be carried out at the end of the season, leave the fan running for half an hour to allow the unit to dry properly.

    The result: an air freshener that’s been cleaned, degreased and decontaminated. This prevents the build-up of potentially harmful impurities and micro-organisms in the unit.

    adiabatic air fresheners
    act naturally, by evaporation. There’s no need for refrigerant: just fill the reservoir, plug the unit into the mains and you’re ready to go!


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