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Evaporative air cooler, a safe solution

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During this time of sanitary lockdown and while summer temperatures constantly increase, many are the companies questioning the link between air conditioning and COVID spread: Are mechanical cooling solutions to ban ? What solution to ensure the employees well-being and health at their workplace while keeping a proper logistical functioning ?
FoxAirevaporative air cooling expert, analyses the question and presents the advantages of its offer.

Air conditioning and Covid-19 : What are the official recommendations ?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of contradictory information was shared by the medias concerning the use of ventilation and other air conditioning systems.

It was said that 9 people in China were infected by one man in a restaurant. Experts stated that the virus could have been spread by the air conditioning.

The air was not recycled with fresh outside air, therefore once the virus was inside the room, it could only be spread from one person to another.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that all cooling systems are to be banned in premises and public places.

The recommendations from the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity are clear about it:

A mechanical air conditioning system can be used as long as it allows to “bring fresh air/coming from the oustside, evacuating the air from the inside to the outside” and “avoid keeping and recycling the air within the premises”

  • The use of an air handler is authorized, ”with or without air recycling”, to ensure “sufficient air renewal and air cooling”.
  • it is essential to naturally aerate confined spaces at least twice a day for 10 to 15 minutes by  opening windows for example.

 Air conditioning  can be used as far as the recommendations are followed.

Advantages of FoxAir air coolers to fight against COVID

Industrial air coolers FoxAir operates by water evaporation. What does that mean ? In other words : hot and dry air is vaccumed and goes through a humidified pad before being blown.  This way, the air is refreshed and the humidity rate remains under control.

By making the FoxAir air coolers work and by ensuring a source of renewed air (window, door, roof windows, even CMV), the air renewal is optimal and the efficiency of our product is reinforced. Indeed, the dryer and warmer the outside air is the colder the air blown by the machine will be.

Thus, our air coolers help prevent the spread of the virus. It is also possible to dilute a virucide and bactericide solution (eco-friendly) in the water tank in order to disinfect the air and all surfaces.

Finally, one of our air coolers can refresh a surface of 90 to 360 square meters (depending on the interior layout). They are easily movable thanks to their wheels so as to cover the most difficult areas to reach. You can also combine them to bring out the best of their capacities.

Evaporative air coolers in shed
We hope that this article helped answering questions about the use of evaporative air cooling systems with the Coronavirus.
All products of the FoxAir are available to buy or to rent in France and Europe. Please feel free to contact us for additional information or quotation.
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