Evaporative air cooler rental:
the FOXAIR solution

Evaporative air cooling specialist, Foxair invites you to equip your building by buying or renting this system to make an opinion before investing.
Climatiseur Mobile FoxAir dans notre nouveau Showroom

Many sectors can face heating issues : Heat can be a thorn is the side for your employees, but it can also be a major risk of fire, in case of critical level your machine can turn on their safety mode and cause delays in your production. However, reorganise your traditional air conditioning system might not be the best solution: on one hand because it represents a highly expensive solution and on the other hand the entire premises might not be concerned by a critical temperature level.

In this context, FOXAIR is the solution ! Our brand invites to to rent our air coolers. They lower the ambiant temperature of your premises by increasing the humidity rate. Therfore you can manage the inside temperature even on large volumes.

Our models prensent several adavantages
They are portable :

you can place them, move them and reposition them where ever and when ever you need them the most.

They are autonomous :

an electric power source is the only necessary element. Even if the machin is not linked to a water supply, the tank can always be filled up manually and last for hours.

They are ecological :

Their evaporative fuctionning doesn’t require any refrigirent fluids and the needed water can be tap water. It is a green and eco-friendly solution.

They are adaptable :

according to your needs, the size of your premises and the temperature, Foxair has a range of models that will answer you case by case needs.

They are economical :

No need to equip your entire premises with traditional air conditioning our machines will responsively answer to your specific needs.

Our industrial air cooling rental solutions

Would your needs be punctual or seasonal; would you like to test ou solution besfore proceeding to an investiment; No worries, FOXAIR offers a try out solution by renting them even on a short period. Our conctacts can be runned per week according to your wishes and needs. Rent them and cooling your workplace has never been easier.

Evaporative air cooler : you are concerned if…

Your premises are concerned by critical temperature variations and levels;  regularly or punctually. More specifically if you have considerably heating equipement or machines which can potentially turn on their safety mode.

The lack of temperature level management can also reprensent a risk of startinbg fire, moreover if you have inflammable products (ink, solvent, etc.).  Be aware that a high temperature is often linked with a low humidity rate wich can cause an accumulation of static electricty and in some cases majore technical deficiencies.


Our range of adiabatic air coolers

According to your situation, FoxAir has the right machine to suit your specific needs and constraints. Four machines are available, FoxAir 18 (covering a surface of 90m²) to FoxAir 48 (covering a surface of 370m²).

The FoxAir air cooler
Discover our range and contact us now to get the best solution for your premises.