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Large volume air conditioning | Cool down your premises in the greenest way

The evaporative air cooler reduces your air conditioning fees

The bio cooling process used by our large volume system allow you to make significant savings. In order to cool efficiently a warehouse  of 1500 m², the cost of investment are reduced by more than 60% ! The energy consumption is reduced by 10 compared to a classic air conditioning system.

This is without taking into account the R.O.I of a treated building. Your equipment won’t overheat, they will be more productive as your employees will be. Ideal work conditions to ensure the best results.

Evaporative air coolers in shed

Why is an industrial air cooler Foxair performing in large volumes ?

The professionnal evaporative air cooler

Foxair adapts perfectly in large surfaces where traditional air conditioning fails. The system is called adiabatic.

The principle is as simple that it is efficient: hot and dry air cools down once in contact with the humidified media. The resfreshed air is then redistributed without any sensation of humidity.

Workshops and industrial premises are the perfect place for these large volume air coolers. The only things they need to be perfectly autonomous is an electricty supply and a water supply (manual or automatic). Even with a full water tank the machines are easily portable thanks to their wheels.

Different air coolers are available according to the specific layout you might have in your premises. You can also rent them before investing !

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