Adiabatic air cooler | A green solution to cool down your premises

Your customers flee from your shops every summer ? Your employees find it hard to work close to machines generating significant heat ?
You must find out about our FoxAir evaporative air cooling systems. With thhese adiabatic coolers, you can maintain a fresh air in your industrial premises.

How does an adiabatic air cooler works ?

Our machines have a fan and an evaporative cooling media to replicate the natural principle of evaporation. Once working, they vaccum the ambient air (dry and hot) and make it go through the cooling media, humidified by the water from the tank in order to cool it naturally.

Hence, the redistributed air cools down the room quickly; The hotter and dryer the air the best results you will get.

Advantages of en evaporative air cooler


This biocooling system allows in a very ecological way to reduce the air temperature as soon as it increases. It is therfore an ideal solution to manage the temperature within your building; would it be a production or a selling area. The system autoregulates itself according to the temperature variation.

They don’t require toxic refrigerant gas: you only have to fill their water tank and plug them in so as to have them working for hours. Therefore they are one of the best non polluting air cooling solutions.

Different models of FoxAir evaporative air coolers

Patened, this air cooler is conceived for industrial needs. For large surfaces and in critical heat conditions. We have a size for evey need :   45 cm, 63 cm, 90 cm and 124 cm. Each model has a different air flow and other features. Before choosing a model or another you must define your needs and identify the specific traits of your premises.

If you have no idea on the right model to choose, or if buying one seems premature, know taht you can rent them for short or long term.

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