Foxair is the best
air cooler on the market.


Portable industrial air cooler:
cool down your premises

Your have heat issues within your premises ? An industrial portable air cooler is the best solution !

You have to face excessive heat problems in certain parts of your building ? You know that it has an impact of your buisiness’ productivity ? Customers will be less receptive to your offers within an overheated room.

What you might not know is that a critical temperature can cause important damages. A fire can be caused by over heating or too much static electricity and by increaisng the humidity rate you avoid alll these issues and possible accidents.

FOXAIR : le rafraîchissement naturel en entreprise

Industrial portable cooling: The FoxAir solution

Easy to move from one spot to another, this equipment helps cooling down the area but also heating machinery.

Our machines have a fan and an evaporative cooling media to replicate the natural principle of evaporation. Once working, they vaccum the ambient air (dry and hot) and make it go through the cooling media, humidified by the water from the tank in order to cool it naturally.

Hence, the redistributed air cools down the room quickly; The hotter and dryer the air the best results you will get.

Interrested by buying or renting ?
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Get your air cooler or rent it !

The FoxAir solution offers many advantages being:

  • economical : It can not be compared to traditional air conditioning which is at least 3 to 4 times more expensive and requires recurring interventions every year.
  • ecological : The system works according to a very simple and natural principle of water evaporation
  • convinient : Each equipment is independent and can be turned on or off when  ever you need them. You can position them wherever you need them the most and move them from one plac e to another in no time.

FoxAir offers a renting solution. You can therfore rent an evaporative air cooler during a defined time period (1 week or several months) before deciding to buy one. You can come and see them for yourself in our showroom near Lyon, France.

Climatiseur Mobile FoxAir dans notre nouveau Showroom

You will find on our website the detailed features of the entire range. From the FOXAIR 18 to the  FOXAIR 48.