Industrial air cooler,
how does it work ?

Evaporative cooling: functioning principle

This air cooler uses the evporative cooling system. Its a simple method used since antiquity is hot and dry countries, for its also a cheaper yet efficient technique.
We replicate the evaporation phenomenon <hich can be observed in nature.

Hot and dry air is vaccumed and goes through a humidified media to be cooled. The necessary energy for evaporation is extracted from air and therfore refreshes it. This process is called Adiabatic (constant -pressure enthalpy), since it does not bring nor get heat back.

Evaporative cooling

The main advantage of the adiabatic cooling is taht the hotter and dryer the air, the better the efficiency. In order for the air cooler to work, it needs electricity and a water supply. Water is drawn by the submerged pump in the tank, then flows through a cooling media.

This exchange media made in a derived from cardboard, uses water and air flow to evaporate water at a lower temperature. Once evaporate water is in a gas form (humidity) and naturally chases thermic energy from the air. Thanks to the fan the refreshed air is redistributed and filtered. According to the surface to cool, we might have to chose a specific model to fit your needs. Four models are available in the FoxAir range.

Be aware : please take note that if your water supply is highly calcareous it is advised to adapt an anti-scaling on your machine.

How to use FoxAir ?

Unbox the air cooler

Take off the protection plastic film and the mounting brackets.

Take off the cooling pads

Vaccum the tank bottom to clean the tank from the cardboard residue.

Plug in the air cooler for use

Plug in the water supply then electricity.

Installing FOXAIR requires only 3 steps. Its use is just as simple.
FoxAir is a simple and efficient cooling system
It offers several advantages : no installation, portable, eco-friendly and economic…