Advantages of air cooling or natural air conditioning

The air cooling system or natural air conditioning offers numerous advantages to cool down all your surfaces.

FoxAir Portable air cooler in an industrial warehouse
The FoxAir quality
  • 100% inox screws and brackets
  • Regulated inox water pump protected against low water level
  • Fan engine: 100% aluminium waterproof carcass with overload protection
  • Advanced technology HDPE fan blades with perfect balance allowing important air flow with a reduced noise level. Separable axle and blades
  • HDPE body, shock, heat and corrosive athmosphere resistant
  • Vegetal fibre cooling media of 150 mm allowing the best results on the market
  • Electronical regulation with digital display allowing a precise management and monitoring of both temeprature and programmation
  • Electronical frequency variator allowing a precise setting of the air flow from 40 to 100%
  • Galvanised steel chassis equipped with ball bearing wheels, ensuring an easy mobility of the machine even with a full water tank by one operator
Foxair fan-engine
Vegetal fibre cooling media
Vegetal fibre cooling media
Electronic regulation
Water pump

Natural air conditioning : Discover our evaporative air cooler range

You face the problematic of having to cool large volumes without having the possibility of installing a traditional air conditioning system ? Choose the FOXAIR solution.

Its evaporative air cooler allows a significant lowering of the temperature in targeted areas with no difficulties. Autonomous, portable and convinient, the machine can be placed where ever the conditions are the most critical. It acts directly on the temperature and the humidity rate. The FoxAir air cooler prevents technical deficiencies due to critical heat level. In addition to a better comfort for your employees, the system acts against static electricity accumulation, therefore acts against fires in your premises. FoxAir has a range of four models to fit all your specific needs.

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