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Why choose the FoxAir air cooler ?

A Foxair isn’t your regular air cooler.
Its reliability is exceptional and offers a quality level thought and conceived for industrial specific needs.

The FoxAir air cooler uses the adiabatic cooling system by evaporating water, it is the natural process which can be found in nature. In contact with the humidified cooling media, hot and dry air is cooled, then is redistributed with a significant temperature difference

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A portable cooling system

The FoxAir solution allows to cool large surfaces, where traditional air conditioning requires tremendously expensive budgets, making industrial projects often impossible.

With FoxAir, no installations are needed, no regular mainteance neither. Our equipments – an industrial portable air cooler– is very convinient: Positioned at the closest to the workstations it is simple to use. It works thanks to an electric supply and a water tank.

According to the surface of your premises and the maximum heat you can experience, you will have different needs. It’s why FoxAir offers a range of different models with different power level autonomy. For more technical detailson our machines visit page to find all about our air cooler range.

Buying or renting a cooling?

Natural cooling

The FoxAir evaporative air cooler is eco-friendly since it doesn’t require any refrigerant fluids and non polluted water. We talk aboit natural air conditioning. VSee all the advantages of the air cooler .

The distribution of a refreshed and hydrated air gives a relaxing sensation and ensures the best working conditions for your employees and users. Your employees like it, your customers too.

Important : before investing, you can try out our solution by renting the air coolers.

Specialized in industrial cooling, and present mostly in Lyon, FoxAir is a partner of Wheeler Dealers France, broadcasted on RMC Découverte – BFM TV.

Portable air cooler range FoxAir



All big names of the industry chose it

FoxAir, evaporative air cooler
Portable air cooling system adpated to large surfaces or specific areas.