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Foxair, industrial air conditioning in Lyon

Foxair supplies professionals with evaporative air coolers. This environmentally-friendly mobile unit cools the air, preventing the risk of fire and machine downtime.

When the ambient air becomes too dry and too hot, move it close to a sufficiently large body of water: this will charge it with moisture and reduce its temperature. Simple, isn’t it?

This solution – inspired by the
the principle of adiabatic air conditioning
– is offered by FOXAIR, specialists in industrial and natural air conditioning. The unit we supply – a
industrial mobile air conditioner
– enables you to cool your company’s premises, whether they’re work areas (such as warehouses, hangars, workshops, etc.) or areas where you’re likely to receive customers (large reception rooms, especially those with bay windows exposed to direct sunlight).


No refrigerant gas in our air coolers

Your air cooler can be placed and moved as you wish. It just needs to be near a power outlet, and possibly a water supply if you don’t want to have to refill its tank too regularly.

Our units operate without refrigerant gases. As such, they are completely environmentally friendly. In fact, heat exchange is the only way to cool the ambient air. However, you won’t feel any “dampness effect”: the humidity level remains optimal in your premises.

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Freshen up your premises, avoid lay-offs and prevent fire hazards

You may be interested in buying or renting
rental of an adiabatic cooler
in several cases.

  • The simplest: it’s too hot on your premises. The effect may come from the natural rise in summer temperatures, from the operation of your machines, or from a combination of the two. In any case, it bothers your customers and prevents your employees from being fully efficient. An air cooler is the optimum solution: you don’t need to modify or extend your air conditioning system. Simply place the device in the areas most affected by heat peaks.
  • Another case is when you use plant and machinery on a day-to-day basis that are sensitive to temperature rises, and are likely to cease operating in such cases. Once again, the FOXAIR air cooler is the right solution. Simply position it and switch it on to avoid machine downtime.
  • Finally, if your activity involves the use of flammable materials and substances, humidifying the air with a cooler can help prevent any risk of fire in your premises.

We offer a wide range
range of mobile air coolers
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