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Marquee air conditioners: make a difference at your events!

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Summer is synonymous with numerous events, not least because of the sunny weather. However, the organization of summer events poses a problem: how to prevent the public from becoming sunburnt? The answer is to install a barnum or canvas. But then a second difficulty arises: managing the temperature inside.
With FoxAir marquee air conditioners, you can guarantee optimum conditions for both professionals and visitors to your event.

Adiabatic air coolers vs. air conditioning

While traditional stationary air conditioners may be suitable for certain situations, marquee events require a customized solution. The
industrial air coolers
FoxAir industrial air coolers offer several advantages:

  • They are designed for professional use and for cooling very large surfaces – from 90 to 360 m² per unit;
  • they can be combined to temper any surface, even those with atypical configurations;
  • they cool the air by evaporation, without the use of refrigerants or chemicals – an ecological and economical solution;
  • the hotter and drier the ambient air, the greater the effect of our marquee air fresheners.

An example of how to use our air coolers

FoxAir recently spoke at a convention organized by Continental, the famous tire manufacturer. The latter was planning to gather 300 people under a 600 m² tent and needed an air cooling solution. We offered the organizers four FoxAir 24 units for hire, which we installed ourselves. The result: pleasant temperatures and a delighted audience.

FoxAir offers a complete range of marquee air conditioners for hire or purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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