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Lidl chooses FoxAir air coolers

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Project description

Lidl chooses FoxAir air coolers for its operations to overcome the immense heat prevailing in its logistics platform. Lidl is a multinational retailer. As a result, it employs a large number of people. They worked in very difficult conditions due to the high heat. But since opting for an evaporative air cooling system, working conditions for its operators have improved significantly.

What are the advantages of FoxAir industrial air conditioners?

Normally, the goods stored on the logistics platform are unpacked by professionals and then transported to the region’s 40 stores. On site, the heat is omnipresent. To remedy this, Lidl opted for fresh air diffusion to enable its employees to work in good conditions. In concrete terms, the company installed 5 FOXAIR 48 and 1 FOXAIR 36. Mobile, these machines efficiently cover the entire logistics platform. With air flow rates of 21,500 and 38,000 m3/h respectively, FOXAIR 48 and 36 are ideal for lowering the highest temperatures over large areas of the platform.

An air cooling system to improve production rate

In addition, by adopting adiabatic cooling, Lidl has improved its overall production. These devices use no toxic or chemical products to operate. In this way, they are both environmentally friendly and contribute to the good health of employees. The hydration problems faced by workers are now ancient history. As a result, the pace of work has increased, and so has production.

What’s the most important thing to remember about the Lidl experience? This iconic retailer opted for the FoxAir evaporative cooling system because the company understood the benefits it could offer. In addition to reducing the heat in the warehouse, these bioclimatizers help optimize productivity.

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