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Fnac invests in Foxair industrial air coolers

Applications / FNAC

Project description

Foxair has created air-conditioning units that work on the natural evaporation principle – adiabatic air-conditioning. This high-performance, ecological and economical system has won over Fnac. The air coolers used by Fnac on its logistics platforms are now helping to significantly improve the quality of work for employees.

How did Fnac refresh its logistics platforms?

Fnac, which needs no introduction, has logistics platforms in palletizing and depalletizing centers. In summer, temperatures can rise sharply. To preserve the well-being of its employees, and inherently improve their performance at work, Fnac decided to install air conditioning units on its logistics platforms.

The brand was then faced with a major problem: the large volumes of areas to be cooled. To avoid astronomical costs, it has adopted adiabatic air conditioners from Foxair. They are compact, mobile, environmentally-friendly, economical and practical…

Thanks to these devices, Fnac employees now work in comfort.

The advantages of Foxair units

Foxair industrial air conditioners cool large volumes very economically. They require little water and electricity to operate.

They are extremely easy to use. This simplicity is also reflected in their adiabatic system, based on the natural functioning of evaporation.

Adiabatic units are recommended in RT 2005. In fact, they use no refrigerants and produce no greenhouse gases.

The comfort they provide your employees, or your customers, will also have an impact on your annual results. Indeed, well-being at work improves productivity. And in commercial premises, it’s easy to see how important prospect comfort is!

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