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Labour code and air conditioning :
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News / Labor law and air conditioning

ith summer fast approaching and temperatures rising, the question of ventilation in the workplace is a serious one.

This article addresses a key question: what are the employer’s obligations under the Labor Code and air conditioning? And how do you cool offices and warehouses as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible?


Heat and work: what does the law say?

Air-conditioning of premises is very precisely defined in the French Labor Code.

If your company is located in premises with non-specific pollution, such as offices, where air pollution is linked solely to human presence and not to hazardous products, you are obliged to renew the air using mechanical ventilation (such as a mobile air freshener) if each employee has less than 15m3 while performing light physical work.

For more pronounced activity, mechanical ventilation is mandatory below 24m3 per person.

But the law goes even further, setting a minimum air flow rate. For premises that do not use hazardous products, it is 25m3/hour in offices with no physical effort (administrative work, computer work), 30m3 for sales or meeting rooms, 45m3 for workshops with light physical work and 60m3 for premises with intense physical work such as in an industrial warehouse.

Which is why it’s so important to choose the right air conditioning system to ensure optimum comfort for your employees and collaborators!

Cool your workspace with FoxAir air coolers

Fatigue, discomfort, unpleasant odors… All these inconveniences can be avoided with a mobile air cooler. This is precisely what FoxAir offers for all your offices, open spaces, stores and industrial surfaces.

Our range allows you to cool efficiently from 90 to several hundred m², thanks to our models with adapted power ratings, which operate by adiabatic cooling. How does it work? You fill the water tank (our units have a capacity of 135 to 300L) and plug it into the mains.

Our coolers draw warm air from your premises, passing it through a humid pad before redistributing it into the room. This environmentally-friendly, cost-effective technology rapidly reduces the temperature by several degrees, for real thermal comfort.

Very easy to use! Less costly than an integrated air-conditioning system, our coolers consume little energy and can be moved around easily thanks to their castors, positioning them where you really need them.


Take charge of your employees’ well-being today with the FoxAir range!

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