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How to use an air freshener :
Operating principles

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Easier to install and less expensive than a professional air-conditioning system, an air cooler is the ideal solution for premises where temperatures rise rapidly.

With its comprehensive range of evaporative systems, FoxAir meets specific, targeted needs and informs you about the operation of each unit. Here’s how to use an air freshener in an industrial environment!

FoxAir Portable air cooler in an industrial warehouse

How to use an air cooler

How does an air cooler work? The FoxAir range cools by evaporation, a totally natural process that rapidly lowers ambient temperature and makes the air more breathable. Applying this principle, FoxAir mobile industrial air coolers are said to be adiabatic.

To get the most out of this type of air cooler, we recommend you follow these simple steps: first, fill the unit’s large-capacity reservoir. Filling is either manual with a bucket or automatic from a hose connected to the water supply. In the second case, a float system prevents the machine from overloading. Once this operation has been completed, the unit must be connected to the mains.

Mobile thanks to their castors, our different models adapt to any space and can be moved at any time without third-party intervention.

The benefits of evaporative air coolers

Our air coolers are ideal for poorly insulated industrial premises, as numerous openings to the outside ensure good air renewal and therefore optimum performance.

Particularly effective, the adiabatic system contributes to air purification.
So, how does an industrial air cooler work? Once plugged in, the cooler draws in dry, hot air and passes it through a filter moistened with water from the reservoir, so that it cools under the effect of evaporation. The air is then redistributed: by increasing the humidity level in the room, the temperature is naturally lowered. The higher the ambient temperature and the drier the air, the greater the drop in temperature.

Last but not least, our air coolers are designed for large spaces: a single unit can treat from 90 to 360m². To guarantee optimum performance and a turnkey service, FoxAir advises you on which models to choose and how to distribute them in your space. We can work from plans of your premises, or come and meet you on site.


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