How to measure an air cooler's efficiency?

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With summer coming and temperatures rising, it is the perfect to get equipped with air coolers in order to work in good conditions. You must choose a performing enough device… To help you make your decision, FoxAir, evaporative air cooler specialist, advises you and explains how to measure an air cooler’s efficiency, in comparison to other solutions.

Air cooler, air conditioner, fan… What are the differences?

Before diving into an air cooler’s performances, we need to differenciate air coolers from other devices such as fans or air conditioning systems.

Unlike fans, which only move hot air around, air coolers suck hot air before humidifying it through a media. The air, cooled down by the system, is then blown in the room.

The device works with a water tank and is to be plugged in a socket. It can also be plugged in a water supply.

An air conditioning system lowers the temperature in a room by drawing calories from outside: air coolers are very different from this system.

Unlike air conditioners, air coolers do not need any external unit installation. As our air coolers are mobile, you can easily place them where you need them the most: near the workstations that generate the most heat.

What are the performances of an evaporative air cooler?

An evaporative air cooler is a natural, efficient and economical solution to keep a place cool during heat waves.

In order to measure its performances, you must take into account the temperature and the humidity rate.

In fact, you get the best performances the higher the temperature and the lower the humidity rate.

For instance, if the temperature is 30°C and the humidity is 20%, you can get a decrease of about 12°C with an evaporative air cooler. If the temperature is 36°C, it is possible to have a decrease of 15°C.

This is more efficient than a fan (which does not lower the temperature) and less expensive than an air conditioner (which is a fixed system that requires a heavy and costly installation).

When you choose a portable air cooler like the ones offered by FoxAir, you get a very efficient cooling system for large volumes and unusual surfaces. It is also capable of cooling individual workstations down.

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