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Air cooler or air conditioner?
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As the warm weather approaches, the heat rises (more or less gradually these days) and it becomes imperative to find a solution to lower the indoor temperature. So, air cooler or air conditioner?

FoxAir presents these two solutions and offers advice.

The benefits of air conditioning

Mobile air conditioners are often preferred for cooling large surfaces. To operate, the appliance draws in warm air from the room, discharges it through a pipe to the outside, and then diffuses fresh air through a refrigerant gas.

Operation is relatively straightforward: it plugs directly into a wall socket and works autonomously. You set the desired temperature using a remote control or directly on the machine, and off you go!

The benefits of air coolers

The mobile air cooler engages an evaporative cooling process. You fill the reservoir with water and ice cubes, then connect it to a power source before letting it run. Thanks to its fan, it draws in warm air and passes it through a moist filter before redistributing it around the room.

More economical than an air conditioner, it also comes in professional models for cooling large surfaces, with the option of connecting it directly to the water circuit for greater autonomy.

Evaporative air coolers in shed

Air cooler vs. air conditioner: which one to choose?

Air coolers and air conditioners have a lot in common, which can make the choice difficult at first: they’re both mobile, have castors and run on electricity.

To make sure you’re making an informed choice, ask yourself the right questions and weigh up the advantages, as well as the disadvantages! First of all, what’s your budget? As we’ve seen, coolers are more economical. If you have a limited envelope, this can make a real difference. Depending on the surface area to be cooled and the use you intend to make of it, compare prices carefully!

Secondly, while the efficiency of air conditioners has been proven, they consume a lot of electricity if you use them for long periods, and are very noisy. To allow warm air to escape to the outside, the window must also be caulked to prevent heat loss. Finally, their refrigerant is particularly polluting, unlike the air cooler, which runs solely on water from its reservoir and electrical power.

Mobile cooler or air conditioner?

We hope this comparison has helped you. And, if you need a professional solution for your premises, FoxAir puts its range of mobile air coolers at your disposal.

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