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Which air cooler to choose?
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News / Which air cooler should I choose?

Are you a professional in need of efficient cooling for your premises or warehouse?
Or maybe just part of your space?

FoxAir presents its range of products to help you answer this crucial question:
which air cooler to choose?


How to choose your FoxAir air cooler?

FoxAir is a range of professional air fresheners capable of cooling large surfaces at low cost. In fact, all our models are relatively compact and equipped with castors. You can move them as you like, and position them where you need them most: near computers, your servers, near a window…

More economical than installing an integrated air-conditioning system, our units are as powerful as they are discreet. To choose the right air cooler, first determine the surface area you need to cover.

Our range allows you to operate on spaces from 90 to 370m² with the right power (including models with silent EC motors), so there are several possibilities open to you.

Open space or warehouse, a solution for every space

For a medium-sized open space, FoxAir 18 is a good entry-level choice, with its 90 m² cooling capacity and 300W fan. Equipped with a 135L water tank, it also boasts good autonomy.

Do you need to keep a large room, party room or store cool? FoxAir 24 is made for you! Capable of cooling a surface area of 170m², it is powerful (370W) yet discreet, with dimensions (1.51m high by 1.28 wide) that make it easy to place in any space.

Finally, for very large halls or warehouses, we recommend our FoxAir 36 and FoxAir 48 models. Ultra-powerful, with fan diameters of 90 and 124 cm respectively and power ratings of 550 and 1100W, they can cool 260 or 370m²!

More imposing in size but just as mobile, they feature a large reservoir (200 and 300L) to guarantee excellent performance, even when connected only to a power supply. For extended use without having to worry about water levels, all our appliances can be connected to a water circuit, via a hose for example.

Climatiseur Mobile FoxAir dans notre nouveau Showroom

So, have you made your choice?

If you are interested in purchasing or renting a cooler, please contact us for a free quotation. Any questions? We’ll be happy to answer your questions and advise you.

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