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What is an air cooler?

News / What is an air cooler?

Ah, spring! Trees in bloom, beautiful blue skies and… rising temperatures as summer approaches! It’s the ideal time to choose an air-conditioning unit in anticipation of the summer heatwave, and to make sure you stay cool. FoxAir, for example, offers evaporative air coolers. But what exactly is an air freshener? We tell you all about it.
Principe de rafraîchissement d'air par évaporation

Air cooler: what is it and how does it work?

An air cooler is a mobile device, usually on wheels, which cools the ambient air in a room or premises by humidifying it. How does an air cooler work?

Start by filling the reservoir with water and ice cubes, then connect it to a power source. From the moment the unit is switched on, its fan draws in warm air, which is then passed through a humidified pad to evaporate. It then redistributes it into the room to cool it down.

This principle is known as evaporative air cooling.

What are the advantages of an air cooler?

For a start, air coolers are more economical than air conditioners, which tend to cost more. Their operation is also more environmentally-friendly, since they use no refrigerants (particularly polluting) to carry out their mission. These areevaporative coolers, which reproduce a natural process.

Finally, while consumer models are best suited to surfaces of 15 m2, professional models are also available to cover large areas. At this point, you can choose either to plug them into the mains, using only the water in the reservoir, or to connect them to a water circuit for greater autonomy.

FoxAir Portable air cooler in an industrial warehouse

FoxAir, specialist in professional evaporative air coolers, offers you its mobile range to cover all your needs.

Whether for one-off or longer-term use, our units provide efficient cooling for your premises. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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