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Quiet industrial air conditioner :
when Foxair supplies air cooler to Wheeler Dealers France

News / Air cooler at Wheeler Dealers France

Since 2017, Foxair is very proud to be the partner of Wheeler Dealers France. This program, broadcast on RMC Découvert (BFM-TV), gives a new lease of life to great car models (Mini Morris, BMW M3, Jaguar XJ-S…). Gerry and Aurélien, the presenters and hosts, find bargains, negotiate parts at the best price, then tinker with their cars in their garage.

… and that’s exactly where Foxair comes in!

Portable air conditioning FoxAir in an auto repair workshop

Two industrial air conditioners in the garage

When filming began on the new season in June 2017, the heat quickly became a problem. So the team set about finding a solution, within three constraints.

  • It has to be quick: the shooting dates have already been set and there’s no question of changing them.
  • The immediate corollary is that there should be no massive installations that could interfere with the shooting environment.
  • Finally, it must be silent: the air-conditioning system must not interfere with sound recording.

Over the course of the summer, the presenters discovered Foxair’s solutions by doing some research on the Internet. Contact is made immediately. At their request, we supplied them with two of our air fresheners: FOXAIR 24s. These were immediately available, and were easily installed on the set alongside the other equipment. Together, these units were capable of cooling 340 square meters.

The number of blades is decisive for the noise produced by the air cooler.

We chose this air conditioner for its very quiet operation. The number of blades avoids the traditional “hum” of a fan. As for the rest, our FOXAIR 24 units operate on the adiabatic cooling principle, as do all our others.

In a perfectly ecological way, they capture hot air and the fan sends it through the machine’s circuits, bringing it into contact with a damp surface (in this case a water tank). The air that emerges is cool and moist.

… and now Foxair is proud to be part of the credits for Wheeler Dealers France!

Portable air conditioning FoxAir in an auto repair workshop

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