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Solvay and Foxair air coolers

Applications / SOLVAY

Project description

Solvay, number 1 in the world chemical industry, has placed its trust in Foxair by adopting its adiabatic cooling system. The air coolers adopted by Solvay are ideally suited to the needs of the Belgian group’s Saint-Fons packaging plant.

Activities of the Saint-Fons Solvay workshop

Solvay has a packaging plant at Saint-Fons, in the Rhône department. The Saint-Fons Belle-Etoile site manufactures polyamide, polyamide chain intermediates and engineering plastics.

To achieve this, the workshop applies polymer chemistry technologies on an industrial scale. These include synthesis, distillation, salification, polymerization, drying and separation of liquids and solids.

On this site, Solvay also transforms nylon salt into polyamide 6.6 by continuous and batch polycondensation. Here, the company also dries, screens and automatically packs granules.

Various sectors are involved in the Saint-Fons site’s activities. Automotive, textile, electrical, electronics, consumer goods and industrial goods…

Foxair’s role in Solvay’s packaging plant

Very high temperatures prevail in the Saint-Fons packaging workshop. The well-being and performance of the people who work there are strongly affected by this heat. All the more so as summer temperatures rise in the workshop.

In addition, lack of space meant that conventional air coolers could not be installed.

Solvay has found the solution with Foxair. Our air cooling system now offers the company an efficient, compact solution that can be implemented immediately. Our environmentally-friendly system also perfectly meets Solvay’s needs in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We began by equipping this workshop… But other projects are underway with Solvay. The major group was very satisfied with our industrial fans.

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