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Applications / PROFORM

Project description

Proform, which employs 225 people on its site. Proform’s main activity is the manufacture of standard stainless steel fittings, mainly elbows and tees, but also reducers, mainly for industry. Proform also manufactures parts for the aerospace and automotive industries.

As the workshops are very large, 2000 to 3000m2 per workshop, the installation of a conventional air-conditioning system was very expensive and not necessarily suited to the conditions of the buildings.

Our major challenge was to provide an effective solution to the greenhouse effect observed in workshops where there is a fairly high level of constant heat. The aim was really to create an effect of air movement to reduce the sensation of suffocation as much as possible.

The combination of two Foxair air coolers (FoxAir18 and FoxAir24) lived up to our expectations. Thanks to strategic positioning at aisle entrances or close to workstations, we’ve seen a marked improvement in working conditions for our teams.

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“These devices have been well received by the staff, and their usefulness is real in alleviating the sensation of suffocation during hot weather. It’s a system I’d recommend to structures like ours.
This operation should be repeated, and extended to other sectors which also suffer from the heat, and which can feel the benefits.”

Francis Marmonnier

Aerospace and automotive project manager and CHST secretary.

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