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PND France manages to regulate humidity

Applications / PND France

Project description

“We specialize in large-format printing, and I am more specifically responsible for the digital printing department.

We had a problem with the temperature rise of our high-tech digital machines. This meant that they had to go to safety, which prevented us from working and led to a loss of productivity. We also had problems with paper jams when the humidity was too low. The FoxAir system made it possible to regulate humidity near the machines and eliminate all these problems.”

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“Thanks to its simplicity, mobility and low running costs, it was the perfect solution to the constraints we faced in our premises. It was difficult to air-condition them, given their size, and we needed to reduce the ambient temperature of the production systems from time to time.

We’d be happy to recommend the FoxAir system, and we’re thinking of purchasing a second unit to homogenize the workshop temperature in summer.”

Christian Borel

Executive Vice President, PND France

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