The Pharaon Casino equips itself with our air coolers

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Project description

The Grand Lyon Casino , the Pharaon, recently decided to replace its air conditioning system. Following a technical problem linked to some work in the slot machine room, a solution needed to be found to lower the temperature.

In a room where temperature can rise quickly, the firm had to react urgently, appealing to Foxair’s expertise and knowledge. It is in this context that the Pharaon Casino equipped itself with our evaporative air coolers. Explenations.

The Grand Lyon Casino rents FoxAir24 air coolers.

So as to ensure its customers’ comfort, the casino of Lyon rented several FoxAir 24 evaporative air coolers during two weeks, while waiting for their new air conditioning system to take over.

FoxAir 24, is a portable air cooler having an intermediary diameter (63cm), an air flow of 12’000 m3 /h and an engine power of 370W. Dimensions of  151cm(H) by 128cm (L) , it is capable of cooling a surface of 170 m² tanhks to its 115L water tank. Discreet enough but resolutely powerful  !

An ideal solution to treat your premises

Our products are very simple to use: they only have to be plugged in with electricity and supply them with water (automatic filling or manual). FoxAir only proposes professional air coolers which adapts to your premises and prevents you from having to install an entire air conditioning system. For a regular use or a punctual one, its the perfect solution.

Finally, investing in our systems presents other advantages: by lowering the static electricity level, they prevent the risks of technical deficiencies and fires.

The Pharaon Casino understood these elements by calling us in. They where delighted of our service and products; they customers as well: Thank you  FoxAir !

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