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Leclerc equips with Foxair 24 air fresheners

Applications / LECLERC

Project description

Leclerc has a depalletizing platform in Le Creusot, where it gets very hot in summer. To relieve the workload of the platform’s operators, Leclerc has invested in Foxair
Foxair 24 industrial ventilation units
. Here we explain why Leclerc is equipping its platform with our air fresheners .

How do our industrial air conditioners help Leclerc’s logistics platform?

Leclerc has a depalletizing platform. Here, goods are professionally depalletized, before being dispatched by conveyor belt to the region’s 40 stores. These depalletizing platforms are very hot places. During the summer months, the employees of this major industrial company sometimes work in temperatures of over 35°C. As a result, logistics platform employees are sometimes – and all too often – faced with problems of dehydration. What’s more, these working conditions have a real impact on overall production rates.

The solution by Foxair: cooling large volumes with an industrial air conditioner

As happy rescuers, Foxair devices were installed near workers to bring down the high temperatures. The mobility of these industrial air-conditioning systems means that fresh air requirements can be adjusted according to where operators are working. For the confined spaces of these platforms, Leclerc followed our advice to opt for Foxair 24, particularly well-suited to confined spaces cluttered with pallets.

The industrial fan is highly mobile

Foxair air conditioners are perfectly suited to all types of premises and warehouses. Its mobility won over industrialist Leclerc. In fact, when the heat is low, he’ll have no trouble evacuating the Foxair air conditioners, which are mounted on wheels, and storing them – while keeping them handy – until the next hot spell!

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