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The french luxury brand has  opted for the rental of two evaporative air cooling units FoxAir 36 for a try out. The testing in their workshop was more than conclusive. The firm has therfeore invested in these units.

Why does the Hermès brand need FoxAir’s evaporative air coolers ?

In a workshop located in the Parisian region, Hermès creates luxury bags. As summer begins the ambiant air becomes hotter and dryer. The shapers then face ùajore issues with the skins’ behaviour, serving for the making of luxury products. To ensure a “good behaviour” or the leather and to make it easier to cut, shape and sew; the ambiant air must respect certain conditions (humidity and temperature). In order to continue producing these luxury products needing a never reached finesse, Hermès has therfore decided to invest in evaporative air coolers. 

A natural temperature regulation system

The FoxAir machines work according to the adiabatic system, using water evaporation to cool ambiant air. These technics allow our equipment to manage in a very precise way both temperature and humidity within premises.

The FoxAir air coolers offer several advantages. They are economic and use few electricity and water at an overall very affordable price. They are also eco-friendly since they don’t use any toxic refrigerant fluids, they don’t produce any greenhouse gas. Their use is recommended in the RT 2005, and also convinient: no need to proceed to regular nor punctual professionnal maintenance. On wheels, these machines can be moved around very easily by anyone and plcae dat the closest to your heat source.

Just as the details which can be found in the luxury brand products, Foxair presents unmatched manufacturing qualities. For instancen+, screws and brackets are 100% stainless steel made; the electronic display for a perfect control; HEPD blades for a perfect balance and low volume, etc. More details.

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