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Elis industrial laundry puts its trust in FoxAir professional air conditioners

Applications / ELIS

Project description

Elis is the leading multiservice provider of rental and maintenance services for flat linen, work clothing and hygiene and wellness equipment. We handle laundry services, hygiene equipment, linen rental and maintenance: flat linen, work clothing, sanitary equipment, etc. The launderer works with companies in the hotel and catering, healthcare, industrial, commercial and service sectors…

The problem: machines that generate very high temperatures

The Elis industrial laundry uses large machines that produce a lot of heat. Many people work here to wash, dry, roll and dispatch laundry to end-users. In particular, staff work with calenders that raise the ambient temperature to over 40°C. The cylinder machines that roll up and dry laundry generate a lot of heat, which is hard on employees, especially in summer.

The solution: FoxAir 24 and FoxAir 36 industrial air conditioners

To preserve the quality of its employees’ work, Elis installed Foxair large-volume air conditioners. The Décines-Charpieu site was therefore equipped with Foxair 24 (63 cm fan diameter with 370 W air flow) and Foxair 36 (90 cm fan diameter with 550 W air flow) units. The result? Unparalleled working comfort for Elis employees. More pleasant to live with, the working atmosphere has improved and so has productivity!

Elis is also committed to proposing a responsible and sustainable offer. The industrial launderer is particularly keen to reduce the environmental footprint of its business. By choosing Foxair, the company has cut its energy consumption for air cooling by a factor of 10 compared with a conventional air-conditioning system.

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