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Why does Darty use Foxair industrial air coolers?

Applications / DARTY

Project description

Darty has invested in Foxair air fresheners.

At Foxair, we’ve created an air conditioning system based on the natural principle of evaporation. Economical, ecological and practical, our solution has been adopted by many large companies such as Darty. We have equipped the logistics platforms in the French brand’s palletizing and depalletizing centers.

Mission: refresh Darty’s logistics platforms

Logistics platforms in palletizing and depalletizing centers experience high heat peaks in summer. What’s more, the gigantic size of these areas prevents the installation of conventional air-conditioning systems, which would then be very expensive and energy-consuming.

To improve the quality of work for its employees, Darty opted for the Foxair air conditioning solution, which is compact, mobile and economical.

Thanks to this, Darty operators can now work in normal, comfortable conditions.

Darty puts its trust in Foxair quality

Foxair appliances are economical: they need very little water and electricity to operate. What’s more, their straightforward technology means they can be purchased or leased at a very competitive cost.

They are environmentally friendly: no refrigerants are required for their operation. They do not produce greenhouse gases. Their use is even recommended in RT 2005.

These adiabatic air conditioners let you work in total comfort. The cool air is moisturizing and refreshing. Humidity remains stable and balanced.

This industrial air-conditioning system is easy to use. No need for professional installation and maintenance. The machine’s mobility enables it to be positioned very close to workstations.

Last but not least, Foxair air conditioners are made with quality products: advanced-technology fan impeller, HDPE structure…
Do you have large premises? You too can benefit from all the advantages of the Foxair solution.

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