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Bio-Rad equips itself with our simple, eco-friendly air fresheners

Applications / BIO-RAD

Project description

To facilitate the production, storage and preservation of drugs, Bio-Rad equips itself with our air coolers. A group of pharmaceutical laboratories, Bio-Rad aims to offer complete solutions to accelerate scientific discovery.

How do you ensure good air conditioning in the medical field?

The Bio-Rad laboratories store and produce drugs composed of chemical and natural elements that can be extremely sensitive to the slightest temperature variations. Too much heat can eliminate or drastically alter essential product components. Bio-Rad therefore needed an air cooling system to bring the temperature down to a level ideal for creating and preserving medicines.

FoxAir doesn’t just cool hangars or large surfaces. The medical and high-tech sectors often require extremely precise working conditions, and heat and air purity are vital factors in their research, hence the importance of efficient air conditioning.

The FoxAir solution

To meet all the needs of Bio-Rad laboratories, FoxAir supplied four coolers: two FOXAIR 24 and two FOXAIR 36. In order to satisfy a wide range of requirements, FoxAir offers several models of air conditioner adapted to customer needs, whether for cooling a large surface area, a foundry in extreme heat, or a laboratory whose activity requires the maintenance of a precise temperature.

FoxAir coolers are all the more useful because they’re economical and easy to use. They require no professional installation or maintenance, and can be easily repositioned. For precision work, they can be set to parameterize temperature control, air flow and programming. All these advantages make FoxAir products suitable for both high-tech work and large-scale storage.

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