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Bayard chooses eco-friendly, economical FoxAir air fresheners

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Project description

For its foundry activities, Bayard chooses Foxair air coolers to enable its operators to carry out their work in pleasant conditions. As a company specializing in the casting of hydrants, manhole covers and public fountains, Bayard employs a large workforce in foundries where the heat can easily exceed 60°C. Their work would be impossible without a suitable air cooling system.

The benefits of FoxAir bioclimatisation

Bayard’s environmentally-friendly FoxAir cooling system operates on a natural principle, producing no greenhouse gases. In fact, chillers transform warm air adiabatically into cool air, i.e. they neither add nor extract energy from the incoming air, as they operate on the basis of a resource-saving water evaporation system. This also means that the evaporative cooling method does not use any type of refrigerant. All it requires is connection to an electrical power source and a water supply, and consumes very little of both natural resources. Find out more about how it works.

By choosing FoxAir air conditioners, Bayard is guaranteed to benefit from high-quality products built to last. In fact, they feature a watertight infrastructure made of stainless metals. Their high-density polyethylene (HDPE) structure is highly resistant to impact, extreme heat and corrosive, aggressive or contaminated atmospheres. They can also be parameterized: temperature, air flow and programming can be adjusted to suit any environment, and the galvanized chassis with ball-bearing wheels makes them easy to move around.

Often exposed to temperatures approaching 60°C, operators at Bayard foundries have been working in much better conditions since they were fitted with FoxAir air coolers. Mobile and environmentally-friendly, these appliances offer real savings in electricity and water consumption. This low-cost bioclimatic system is easy to use and requires no professional maintenance. By opting for these bioclimatizers, Bayard offers its employees real comfort and optimal working conditions.

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