Ardagh equips their sites with the FoxAir air coolers

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The evaporative air cooler adopted by Ardagh is the ideal solution to face critical heat in the professionnal premisese of the Irish firm. Leading supplier of the glass and metal packing solution, the Ardagh group has more than 100 production factories. Tempreature levels even if not identical in all 100 sites, globally remains critical.

Working in these conditions has a negative impact on work quality and employees well-being. Ardagh has therfore invested in Foxair cooling systems to enhance working conditions; thus productivity. These equipments allow a fresh and hydrated air. Moreover, they ensure a good balance between temperature and humidity levels within your premises.

Eco-friendly coolers on Ardagh sites

The Foxair air cooling systems are eco-friendly and recommended according to the RT 2005 requirements They use the adiabatic system; water evaporation cooling system. Meaning that the hot and dry air in refreshed to then be redistributed. No regrigerant toxic fluids are used in the systems process. Moreover they help you manage your greenhouse gas emissions.

Reliable, economic and portable equipements

By choosing the FoxAir evaporative air coolers, Ardagh benefits from reliable and quality equipement for their entire premises. Screws and brackets are 100% stainless steel made. Machines have EHPD blades and body. Therfore they resist well to shocks and critical heat levels. They also require low energy supply helping you making savings.

Easy to use and portable, these equipments don’t require any installation or professionnal maintenance. They can be moved around from one room to another very easily. You have professionnal premises to cool ? Like the leading glass manufacturing company ARDAGH, equip your premises with FoxAir.

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