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Applications / AD MAJORIS

Project description

AD MAJORIS, designer of plastic formulations for the automotive, household appliance, electrical and leisure industries. AD MAJORIS has also adopted an ecological approach, specializing in the design of plastics made from plant fibers.

With three injection molding machines and an extruder, our business generates a lot of heat and noise. Out of respect for our neighbors and to avoid any noise pollution, we were unable to open the workshop windows to ventilate. Similarly, the installation of traditional air conditioning or an adiabatic system with roof extraction did not meet our background noise management requirements, and was too costly for our structure. However, our aim was to reduce the working temperature from 40°C to around 30°C. This was done with the sole aim of improving the comfort of our employees, who had told us about the discomfort caused by the heat, particularly in summer.

The only solution was an in-house air cooling system. FoxAir met this criterion. What’s more, the mobility of the FoxAir system means you can direct the air flow to a specific workstation, thus cooling the work area in question. Thanks to the use of FoxAir, we now work at temperatures below 30°C, which is just right for our operators.

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“I’d highly recommend FoxAir for workstations that generate a lot of heat, such as those with large factory enclosures, workshops of several hundred m2 or activities such as calendering or rolling mills. Thanks to FoxAir, we make it easier for operators to get on with their work, which can sometimes be very demanding due to the heat. What’s more, FoxAir’s targeted cooling enables operators to monitor processes as close as possible to their workstations, without suffering from the heat.”

Stéphane Constant

Methods and Industrialization Manager | AD MAJORIS

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