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Large volume air conditioner: Optimal performances with FoxAir

FoxAir is destined to professionals searching for a performing solution in critical conditions. Specialized in large volumes, you can equip warehouses, factories, workshops or showrooms.
Our range of industrial air coolers allows you to treat hundreds of square meters without any installation fees, in whatever configuration.
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    A performing 100% natural industrial air conditioning

    Traditional air conditioning is not always adapated for large surfaces or industrial buildings. The use of refrigerant gas is highly polluting, they also require the intervention of an installation team and finally they don’t necessarily cover the entire surface.

    For these reasons FoxAir’s air coolers are the perfect industrial air cooling solution for all kind of premises.

    Their  adiabatic functioning is 100% natural; it reproduces the evaporation process: hot and dry air is vaccumed by the fan and goes through the humidified media. Then the air is charged in humidity and therfore cools down your premises once redistributed. The hotter and dryer the better the results.

    With their wheels they can be moved around at your ease, whenever and wherever you need them most.

    One machine can treat from 90 to 370m². Our different models can be added to adaptperfectly to your specific premises.

    Air conditioners conceived for large surfaces

    Air cooling specialist for large areas, FoxAir introduces its offer designed to suit perfectly to industrial needs.

    • Thermal comfort : by decreasing the temperature up to 16°C, our air coolers will give better working conditions to to your employees.
    • Safety, productivity : our machines increase the humidity rate. They avoid the accumulation of static electricity which in the worst cases can cause fires.
    • Ecological : Non polluting and consuming low energy, they help you manage your carbone foot print.
    • Economical : You cut your costs and you have no installation needed in comparaison to traditional air conditioning. Would your activity vbe seasonal, you can rent our machines.

    Finally, our team advises you and gives you a turnkey solution. We help you chose the right model to cover the right spot.

    Portable air conditioning FoxAir in an auto repair workshop
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