Large volume air conditioner:
Optimal performances with FoxAir

Searching for a large surface air cooler to equip your industrial/business premises ?
FoxAir, evaporative air cooling specialist, introduces its range of equipment specially designed for areas going from  90 to hundreds of square meters.
We offer a turnkey solution for optimal performances and a true thermal comfort.
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    Large volume air coolers working thanks to evaporation

    FoxAir evaporative air coolers allow you to decrease efficiently the temperature within your business thanks to a 100% natural process.

    Their adiabatic functioning allows them to reproduce the natural evaporation process. Once they are on the fan vaccums hot and dry air; the vaccumed air passes through a humidified media wich cools it and charges it in humidity. Thanks to evaporation the air is colder and the ambiant atmosphere is more comfortable.

    The hotter and dryer, the best results you will get. You can in the right conditions cool the temperature down by 15°C.

    To make them work you only need a water supply and electricity. Non polluting they don’t require refrigerant fluids as traditional air conditioning does. We talk about bio cooling.

    A real solution for large surfaces

    The FoxAir range is destined to professionals seraching for the right air cooling solution according to their specific premises.

    One FoxAir is capable of treating surfaces going from 90 to 370m² according to the model you choose. You can combine them to cover the entire premises according to their specific configuration. *

    Our offer presents several advantages :

    • Mobility : Thanks to their wheels, our evaporative air coolers can by moved from one place to another when ever and where ever you need them the most. Even when the water tank is fully filled up the machine can easily be moved around by anybody. Therefore you can treat any area within your building.
    • Comfort et safety : By increaisng the humidity rate, our air coolers allow better working conditions to your employees. A higher humitidy rate also prevents the accumulation of static electricity which can be the cause of many technical deficiencies and in certain cases fires.
    • Economical : Our adiabatic systems don’t require any installation as traditional air conditioning requires them. Our machines are 60% less expensive than traditional air conditioning on average. They daily require 10 times less energy.
    • Flexibility : Our machines are available for sale and rental for a more seasonal use or a punctual need.

    Finally, FoxAir offers a turnkey solution : our team advises you on the best models for you and how to place them within your particular premises.

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