Industrial air conditioning : Foxair at your service

Air conditioning in industrial premises can turn out to be difficult for many reasons:  not only integrated air conditioning systems are expensive but the layout and nature of the buildings is often unsuitable for this use.

It is where our range of evaporative air coolers are particularly relevant ! Powerful and portable they can operate on surfaces from 90 to 370m², making the solution perfect to cool down industrial warehouses.

Thanks to their wheels, you can easily move them around and place them in the most relevant place according to your specific needs.

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    A powerful air cooler for your industrial premises

    Our machines have a fan and an evaporative cooling media to replicate the natural principle of evaporation. Once working, they vaccum the ambient air (dry and hot) and make it go through the cooling media, humidified by the water from the tank in order to cool it naturally.

    Our Industrial air coolers are a lot more powerful than any product designed for home use. They are eco-friendly and economic. Indeed they dont require any toxic fluids, only water and electricity. It is an eco-responsible and economic solution !

    Better work conditions thanks to Foxair

    Working in a closed building can quickly become hard to deal with. As soon as the temperature  rises it can be almost impossible to work, especially if the nature of the actibvity requires machines or any equipment that produces heat. In these conditions it can be hard to focus and keep up the productivity. Without taking into account the risk of fading if your employees have a physical job.

    It is why cooling down ones premises is essential for any manager. Should you find the best solution to do so; quiting your budget and space. With Foxair’s evaporative air coolers, you have at your disposal a portable and economic solution which doesn’t require any installation.

    Would you have to cool a warehouse, a workshop, a factory or a shop, our air coolers adapt to your surface and needs; allowing you to treat from 90 to 370m².

    Many firms already trust us, lets talk ?
    We equip professionals willing to find a sustainable for their premises. We also offer the possibility of renting pur machines for ponctual needs.