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How to improve the performance of a basic device with
adiabatic heat exchanger?

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The adiabatic system makes a scorching atmosphere more bearable, while promoting energy savings.

If you already have air conditioners but are not satisfied with their performance, anadiabatic exchanger may be the solution.

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Should I choose an adaptation with a bio-exchanger?

Installing an exchanger can be time-consuming and ultimately more expensive than buying a new unit. Aware of the stakes involved, we offer you a complete adiabatic solution that requires no modification of the installation with a complex adaptation system. Our technicians provide access to plug-and-play technology, which involves simply plugging into the mains for the device to work.

Thanks to its castors, the bio cooler can be effortlessly positioned in the desired area and moved as often as required, making it far more efficient than traditional air conditioning.

Poorly insulated buildings are also better taken care of, since the adiabatic system works by evaporation: the warmer the air arriving at the unit, the better it works. No brewing! Air renewal is guaranteed.

Get help from a natural cooling pro

FoxAir adiabatic air conditioners are available for sale or hire, and come in a whole range of models: a godsend if you want to try them out, or if you need to find a high-performance solution for an event, for example. Many professionals rent our system during the hot summer months. Others opt for leasing. This option is still more attractive than a credit because VAT is automatically recovered.

Our team will be happy to advise you on the choice and number of adiabatic units to suit your space and building configuration.

Our technicians can either come to you to carry out a complete study, or we can study the plans of your premises to offer you an optimum, turnkey solution.

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