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How does an evaporative air cooler work ?

Actualités / Functioning of an evaporative air cooler
While summer heat drags on until the first autumn weeks, it is essential to equip your professional premises with the right solution.
Among the different equipments available, the air cooler has the advantage of being economical and natural. How does an evaporative air cooler work though ? FoxAir explains everything and introduces its range of products.
Principe de rafraîchissement d'air par évaporation

Evaporative air cooler, how does it work ?

The evaporative air cooler distinguishes itself from the air conditioner by its core functioning: the first one is 100% natural using only water and the other one using refigerant fluids.

Indeed, the air cooler is also known as evaporative air cooler due to the evaporation process it relies on. In other words this system respects the hydrologic cycle present in the nature.

How? It is quite simple! Each equipment has a large tank filled with water. Once the machine is plugged in, water flows on the media and humidifies it. Hot ambient air passes though the humidified media and the water evaporates to cool the air blown by the FoxAir.

Thanks to its fan, the machine redistributes the resfreshed air inside the room. The ambient temperature then decreases, depending on the outside temperature, humidity and obviously the size and power of the machine compared to the surface.

Advantages of an evaporative air cooler

An evaporative air cooler has certain advantages compared to air conditioners. First of all, more economical on every level: FoxAir is mobile when most of the products available on the market are fixed. Hence you don’t have to worry about installation, delays, it also consumes a lot less energy.

They functioning is ecological by using water as a cooling fluids rather than using chemical fluids as in air conditioning. You only need a water supply and a plug.

Finally, industrial air cooler such as the FoxAir range can treat large surfaces (90 to 370 square meters) as air conditioning can do.

Evaporative air coolers in shed
FoxAir is an evaporative air cooling specialist for professionals and more specifically industrials.
Our products are available for sale and rental in order to cover all your needs. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries or quotation.
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