Fan or air cooler:
what is the difference?

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Temperatures keep on increasing and you want to stay cool all summer long? Numerous options exist, but can tell the difference between all those devices?

The fan: moving hot air around for a feeling of cool

Unlike air conditioners and air coolers, fans do not lower the temperature in a room. It only moves air around so that you have a feeling of instant cool.

Its efficiency depends on its airflow capacity, the possibility to adjust the blowing intensity and the device’s rotation (for example if it pivots on itself).

Its advantages: cheap and no significantly negative ecological impact during usage. Its limits: the feeling of cool it provides is short-lived and artificial. As soon as the device is stopped, you feel the heat even more and it becomes tempting to let it run continuously… which may result in catching a cold.

Air cooler: A technique by evaporation

Evaporative air coolers have one major advantage: they actually cool down a room, by humidifying ambient air.

This technique of cooling by evaporation is 100% natural: hot air is sucked by the machine, goes through a humidified media and is then blown in the room. Unlike air conditioning systems, no refrigerating agent is used to decrease the temperature which makes it a very ecological and economical solution.

The resulting comfort is better than the one provided by fans, which has no effect in the room. It is not a simple feeling, air is actually cooled down. In addition, portable evaporative air coolers are very easy to use: fill in the water tank, plugg it in a socket and it is ready to run!

FoxAir offers professional and powerful devices, which are capable of cooling from 90 to 370 square meters (depending on their size).

Evaporative air coolers in shed
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