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Evaporative air coolers Belgium: Discover our professional range

Searching for an evaporative air cooler in Belgium to equip your business premises ?
FoxAir presents its range of industrial air coolers, perfect for complex cooling and large surfaces such as : workshops, production sites, business premises, loading docks, etc.
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    FoxAir : performing industrial evaporative air coolers

    Portable air cooling specialist, FoxAir has conceived a range of 5 models thought to adapt easily to large surfaces.

    Our smallest model, the FoxAir18, is capable of treating a surface of 90m², and our FoxAir48 up to 370m² according to the layout of your rooms.

    You can thus buy or rent several machines to treat strategic areas or the entire premises by combining them.

    Every machine posseses a large water tank, our equipments have an extended autonomy and can be linked with running water supply. Thanks to their weels you can position them efficiently where and when you need them the most.

    Adiabatic cooling : How does it work ?

    Evaporative air coolers are highly efficient with the 100% natural evaporation system. Hot and dry air is vaccumed to go though the humidified media to be redistributed by the fan.

    With high temperature and a low humidity rate you maximise the gains you can expect with our machines. You can make the temperature fall down up to 16°C depending on the outside temperature and the formal humidity rate.

    FOXAIR : le rafraîchissement naturel en entreprise

    Distributors, projects : our services in Belgium

    FoxAir has an antenna in Brussels to best supply our clients. If you are interested to buy or rent one of our professional air coolers, feel free to contact us and we will put you through with our Belgian distributor.

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