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Evaporative Air cooler : The best solution for your premises

Searching for an efficient system to cool down your business premises or a tent ? Why don’t you chose an evaporative air cooler?
FoxAir presents you the operation of this economic and green equipment, and our range of industrial air coolers
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    How does an evaporative air cooler works ?

    An evaporative air cooler reproduces the natural evaporation process to cool the ambiant temperature down. 

    The water tank has to be filled, by hand or automatically thanks to running water. The machine also has to be pluged in electricity. Once on, the machine vaccums the hot and dry air to make it go through a humidified media to redistribute refreshed air.  

    The performance of the solution varies according to the outside temperature and the humidity rate. The hotter and dryer the best results you will get.  With one of our evaporative air coolers you can expect up to 16°C of gains.

    Even if the results are comparable to traditional air conditioning one the the biggest differencies is the fact that evaporative coolers dont use any frigorifix fluids (highly toxic for the environment).  You only need running water and electricity to make them work.

    FoxAir : Professional and powerful air coolers

    FoxAir, has a range of evaporative air coolers concieved for profesionnals, capable of adapting to every layout/configuration.

    Our equipents can treat surfaces going from 90m² to 370m².

    Portable, they can be places where ever you need them when you need them the most.

    They are therfore economic, eco-friendly and energy saving. 

    Our machines are available for sale and rental !
    Please feel free ton contact us for any question or free quotations !