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With spring coming, temperature rises gradually, it is important to brace and equip your premises with portable air coolers before the hot temperatures of summer. Less expensive than installing a traidtional air conditioning system, yet just as performing. FoxAir offers the best solution to keep cool !
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    Advantages of a portable air cooler

    Our portable evaporative air coolers offer a true comfort.

    Thanks to their wheels you can position them where and whenever you need them the most. We have compact models to fit in the most narrow spaces (1.43m high) to bigger sizes when you have the space needed to unleash the full power of our Foxair 48.

    Our Air coolers are intended for a professional use. Designed to cover large areas (one machine can cover from 90 to 370 square meters), nothing comparable with the equipemnt available for the public (15 square meters).

    A natural cooling system

    Our machines have a fan and an evaporative cooling media to replicate the natural principle of evaporation. Once working, they vaccum the ambient air (dry and hot) and make it go through the cooling media, humidified by the water from the tank in order to cool it naturally.

    Hence, the redistributed air cools down the room quickly; The hotter and dryer the air the best results you will get.

    FoxAir : a range to suit all your needs

    FoxAir, has a range of 4 air coolers conceived to cover all your needs. Would it be for an open space, a fair or an industrial warehouse, our portabale air conditioners are powerful and allow you to treat up to 370m².

    Also, FoxAir has launched its new models, equiped with EC engines (24 and 36 models), quieter and more economic.  récemment lancé des modèles EC (electrical comutation).

    FoxAir offers its machines for sale and rental.
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