Buying an evaporative air cooler:
What criteria to take into account ?

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You have decided to buy an evaporative air cooler for your workplace.
Yet you hesitate on the right size?
FoxAir presents its range and brings its expertise to help you chose the right model for your surface.

An evaporative air cooler which suits your premises’ layout

It is essential to know the right size but also the right number of equipments to buy.

In order to understand better how your work environment influences the choice of the right air cooler model, lets take two examples.

On one hand, an obstructed workshop with many nooks, on the other hand a clear room, organised in disctinct aisle.

In the first case, you would have to use several air coolers, positionned at key points, so as to ensure the best air diffusion in the entire surface. Indeed, obstacles can obstruct the air flow blown by the FoxAir thus preventing the air flow of reaching the nooks.

We will define the position of each machine, but also the area covered but each of them indvidually.

In the second case, if the blowing power allows it, placing one machine per aisle can be sufficient to treat homogeneously the entire surface.

An evaporative air cooler range to answer all your needs

FoxAir, has an evaporative air cooling  range to cover all professional needs, and more specifically industrial and dealership ones.

Our four models allow you to adapt the power depending on the area to cover. One FoxAir18 can cool up to 90 square meters, whereas a FoxAir48 can treat up to 370 square meters. Hence it is easy to equip large surfaces with our solution.

Thanks to their wheels they can easily be moved when and wherever you need them.  No installation is needed, they allow a significant temperature differential without polluting while making savings;

Evaporative air coolers in shed
The FoxAir range os avaialble for sale and rental.
Feel free to contact us for any enquiries or questions. We will be more than happy to help you chosing the right evaporative air cooler !
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