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Air cooling in a tent: Stay cool this summer, even outside

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Looking to cool down your tent for the summer?
FoxAir introduces its range of professional evaporative air coolers!
Portable and powerful, they deliver real comfort while being discreet. Whether you want to cool down a tent for an event or a larger surface, our range answers all your need so that you can chill from 90 to 370 square meters.

Cooling large surfaces in a tent?

Every summer, the same situation happens: outside events take place under a blazing sun and visitors are often under a tent or a pergola which does not stop the heat.

Whether it is long waiting lines at a concert, family events or fairs and conventions gathering thousands of people, summer temperatures make it difficult to stay in the middle of a crowd for a long time.

Even when you are sitting for a long time, such as attending a circus show, the comfort of a fresh air makes the moment more enjoyable.

If setting up a tent is an efficient solution to create avoid the sun and sunstroke, it is essential to provide visitors with fresh air in order to prevent these inconveniences.

With the range of FoxAir evaporative air coolers, you can easily cool down your tent, even on a large surface and with a crowd inside.

Our devices are very easy to use, have a large water tank (up to 300 Liters for the FoxAir 48) so that they can run autonomously once plugged in a socket. Thanks to their wheels, they can be placed where and when you need them the most.

Our devices use an economical and ecological technology: evaporation. As evaporative air coolers, they suck hot air before humidifying it thanks to a media and blowing the cooled air in the room. This process allows you to lower the temperature without moving hot air around like a fan.

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Ensure your visitors’ well-being by using FoxAir!
Our devices are available to buy or to rent. Contact us to find the fitting solution for you.
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